Attention Window

  • Status of compliance with competency standards, assessment deadline alerts and training validity alert.

PAR Dashboard

  • Overview of candidate’s Performance Assessment status and monitoring of assessment schedule.


  • Periodic assessment of candidate’s job performance with respect to organisational objectives, promotional readiness and performance feedback from respective key personnel of the organisation.

Professional Development Plan

  • Monitor and record individual training requirements according to their job role.

eLearning and iTEST

  • Single point of entry to relevant e-learning and to iTEST assessment facility.

Performance Gap

  • Identification and analysis of performance gaps of each crew.

Training Needs

  • Career development planning per individual, position, department, location, vessel type and flag state.

Training Matrix Report

  • Summary of training completion, training time and training budget allocation.

Training Progress

  • S-curve graph of the actual training completion progress against the projected training completion.

Appraisal Summary

  • Real-time status of Appraisal completion.

Performance Gap

  • Analysis of performance gaps.

Promotional Readiness

  • Real-time status of promotional competencies completion.

Training Analysis

  • Real-time status of training outcomes, expenditure on training courses and training logistics.

Other Reports

  • Capability to generate a comprehensive range of reports specific to all input data.

User Manager

  • Manage users and edit personnel information.

Competence Manager

  • Management of base information such as position, department, competencies, competence matrix, etc.


  • Configure competency and training status alerts.