• IDEMITSU chooses IDESS IT for Competence Management and eLearning platform
    IDEMITSU chooses IDESS IT for
    Competence Management and
    eLearning platform
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  • CASys Competence Assurance System
    MODEC chooses IDESS IT for
    Competence Management System
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  • Managing Performance in the Workplace Using CASys
    Managing Performance in the Workplace

CASys supports the implementation of Competence Assurance


Competence Assurance System

CASys is reputed to be the most comprehensive system available today for managing workforce competence, skills and knowledge in the maritime industry through workplace assessment and focused continual learning.

Widely used in the offshore oil and gas industry for measuring workforce performance.

Contains defined standards against which workforce performance is measured

Records continual assessment and provides audit trail

Identifies performance and knowledge gaps

Enables Continual Learning to promote enhanced proficiency

Facilitates focused training to close the gaps

Provides analysis at organisational and individual levels


Easy to access auditable records of crew performance assessments

Evidence of confirmation that the workforce meets performance standards

Analysis of data that provides real-time status of competence at both the organisational and individual levels


A road map for career progression, thereby aiding retention and loyalty and enhancing operational performance, minimising risk, and improving insurance loss ratios

By default, a comprehensive inventory of Competency Units that define performance criteria specific to STCW and other mandatory and company-specific and ship-specific standards


CASys is a structured system that provides you with the tools to track, record and report on the and of your .

Integration of CASys, sEaLearn, and iTEST

The sEaLearn Learning Management System, and iTEST Assessment System can be integrated in CASys to provide one platform that manages workplace performance, assessment and learning.

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